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I love to write fiction! Here is a link to where I used to write a lot of fiction. You can find everything I've posted there! ----> thewriterimage95 

Below is an example of a story I wrote a few years ago, you can find the other chapter in the link! 
Enjoy! Tell me what you think in the comments! 

The Hidden Key: Rowan

The wind rattled and hissed it's ferocity through the trees and bushes on either side of Station Road. Darkness had fallen. The only glow of light came from a residence' upstairs window and four of the five dusty old street lamps. An owl hooted from out of sight as the fifth street lamp on, illuminating a wooden bench, accompanied by a thin, mousy-brown haired, pale skinned girl. She was wearing a ochre leather jacket and dark blue jeans and she was clutching a letter. The letter had smudged in places were her tears had landed. Rowan drew in a deep breath trying to gain control over her painful sobs. A bulging bag lay on the gritty path between her ankles. The wind gave a particularly large gush of bitter cold, sending a fluffy ginger cat bounding out of a whispering bush on the other side of the road. The girls head flipped to her right. Steady paced feet were echoing down the street towards the wooden bench. Every nerve in Rowan's body had tightened and goose pimples had erupted over her already freezing skin. They hadn't found her. Not here. None of them had ever known. Or had they forced the information out of him? "Ro?" Her body loosened slightly, but not entirely. She was sure that this voice was of a friend, not foe. Yet she stayed rooted to the wood of the bench. "Is that you?" said the voice. It she a male voice. A trainer stepped out of the blackness and into a orange puddle of light from a street lamp, only a few feet away. Tall, muscular, yet kind faced was the figure of Rowans friend, "Olliy? What? But..but why are you..." "Mrs Switch", Olliy said, lowering onto the bench to sit beside her. "She said you were staying with her. I knew you'd be here" He said looking around at the swaying bushes and houses on the other side. "We used to spend most hours of the summer holidays sat here, remember? I miss them days...but i guess you..." Olliy's voice vanished. His face ha fallen. "What is it?" He was looking at Rowan with a look of deep concern on his face. She gave another load hiccup  "Whats happened?" His voice was shaking slightly now. She looked up into her friends egale like eyes, fighting heart against head. She knew she could not tell him. It had been a family secret for hundreds of years. She couldn't indulge just because he was a friend. Yet, Rowan had no hope of getting abroad without a diver. Wait, Why not just ask for a lift to the airport? "Oh...um, it's nothing. Say you wouldn't give us a lift to the airport, would ya?" she asked. Olliy, who had been peering at Rowan after hearing her load sobs, quickly pulled back looking startled at the request. His wide yellow eyes searched her face. Then he said, "I'm only 15. I can only drive the tractor". He laughed then continued, "Blimey! Just goes to show how long its been, hey?!" Rowan suddenly felt stupid. Of course Olliy couldn't drive. He was only a week older than her. Olliy, who had grown up on his grand-parents farm might have prowled up and down a field or two, but you would be hard pushed to find him racing down a motorway in the latest racing car. After all, he was only 15. Olliy looked questioningly at her and asked, "Can't old Switchy take ya?" Old Mrs Switch, or 'Switchy' as Olliy like to call her, was a short, plump, cat-loving widow who lived in the nearby village, Buckttonham. She had known Rowans mother, whom had died giving birth to her only child. Every summer, Rowan would catch the hour train from London, then the 10 minute bus to the village of Buckttonham. Days were spent; in the field with Olliy, building tree houses with Olliy, feeding the baby lambs with Olliy and sitting on this bench beneath a starry sky with Olliy. Rowan would have positively glowed with the thought of leaving her London boarding school, but now...all she felt was fear and uncertainty. "She's, umm" but she was saved the task of inventing an answer but another question. "What's that?" He nodded towards the letter still in her hands. "Nothing" She said trying to push the paper into her jeans pocket, but he was too quick. He yanked the paper from her and then read aloud: 


When he had finished he looked up at Rowan thoroughly confused. "We know its in you. It makes no sense  he gave an involuntary laugh and said " i'm sorry but is stupid...pathetic. Sounds like the kind of sick joke that Harley bloke would write! You didn't take it seriously?!" Rowan shook her head and buried her face in her hands. For she had taken every syllable to heart and knew she was write to. However much Olliy laughed  she was certain she was right. He did not know. And she would not tell him neither  The Falcon had ANEIZNAELC and she would have to give herself and the key up. For that was the only way. "They only way your gonna get there is Olliy" said a small voice inside her head. "No!" She thought to herself, "Its too dangerous! They'll...They'll..." but she could not bring herself to even think of that horror. "Rowan? Are you alright?" She started. So deep in her thoughts she had forgotten her surroundings  "urr...yes, yh thanks. Umm..." She hesitated. She did not want to bring him with her, but what choice did she have? Hoisting her bulging bag onto her shoulder and standing up. She said, "Listen, i need you to take me to the airport. i know you said you couldn't drive but you can try" Olliy's face was a dirty orange colour in the light from the street lamp, but if he were in doors you'd see it had turned chalk white. "the airport?" he stammered, "but why, where do you want to go?" Rowan took in a deep calming breath and then whispered, "i need to get to..." but the rest of her words were drowned by volly of ear-splitting gun shot bangs, issuing from a black van a few feet away. Dark figures were leaning out of all the vans windows firing bullets at Olliy. Rowan screamed and instinctively grabbed Olliy's upper arm and ran full pelt up Station Road Towards Olliy's farm. Bullets flew over their heads as they ran. A bullet narrowly missed Olliy as they turned into a dimly lit alleyway  The gun shots stopped abruptly. They stood panting and gasping for breath backs against the ally wall. They listened hard. A loud demanding voice spoke to the darkness. A foreign language that Rowan didn't know, but Olliy did. He knew exactly what the men wanted. They wanted him dead, they didn't car about him. They wanted Rowan. 

 (Written by Harriet Iliff) 

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