Thursday, 19 September 2013

Well Hello There...

Hello Stranger!
(Life blog/Diary. Things I blog about have happened in my life. Enjoy!)

My name is Harriet. Not very original but its what my mother gave me. I'm your average teenage girl who is a complete cloud rider. I other words, my head is full of thoughts. 

I just can't stop! 

What's it like to have wings? 

What if that story is true? 

Is there a God? 

Where are the aliens? 

What happens when you die? 

(Yeah....I've thought about all of these in depth before...really!)

This is enough to make a blog. Why not share it all?
Here on this blog I'll be letting loose the anchor and inviting you all on board my life journey! 
This fail boat is sailing!
So all aboard! Enjoy the ride! It'll be a bumpy one!
Hope you don't get sea sick.....

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